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  • Security

    The (Potentially) Crooked Future of the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things seems to be growing at a fast rate as more and more devices are being adapted to include internet connectivity. Despite the years we’ve had to adapt to this concept, there have been ongoing security concerns, since adding these different technologies means exposing them to increasing possibilities for hacking. Whatever the […]

  • Data Breach

    Health Care Providers Taking Closer Look At Data Security

    Data breach concerns have grown significantly in the past several years for companies in just about every industry. However, many experts cite health care in particular as being vulnerable to these threats. They are vulnerable because they control such a massive amount of sensitive identifying data from the people they treat. As such, many companies […]

  • Security

    The Security Risks of ‘Livestreaming’ Your Business

    Faster internet speeds and more accessibility can provide more chances for your company to work in “real time.” They could also increase the possibility of security risks as your business looks for more direct connections. To help stay safe, businesses should address these potential concerns early on and be aware of the best practices, just […]

  • Security

    3 Tips for Healthier Cybersecurity

    You probably want your workplace to be physically safe, so why shouldn’t it be digitally protected as well? Just as employees should follow a health professional’s advice practice a health lifestyle, they should also practice good digital habits to keep their company and personal information secure. And just like with health, there are common sense […]

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