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  • Data Breach

    Business Taxes: The New Targets of Data Breaches

    The classic view of theft involves criminals taking the money and running. Robbing a bank or a company’s payroll is the ultimate goal in this kind of crime. However, that’s why cybercriminals are targeting companies. Personal information is a form of currency in the digital age, and organizations in all industries store personally identifiable information […]

  • Employee Benefits

    Keep Your Employees Happy with Benefits

    Is work loyalty all about the number of zeroes on a paycheck, or is there something more to it? This is an age-old question for company owners, and in today’s increasingly competitive labor market, it’s a very pertinent concept to approach. Not only should organizational leaders consider offering increased packages of benefits to their employees, […]

  • Data Breach

    Who Should Take Responsibility For a Data Breach?

    “A business suffered a data breach, exposing thousands of customers’ credit card information. ” Familiar with this headline? It seems to be in the news more often than we want it to and consumers are left scrambling to protect their personal information in the aftermath. As a company, you’re most likely just hoping that the […]

  • Data Breach

    Data Breaches: How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

    It often feels like data breaches are just too much to handle. Despite the advances made in technology and security, there seems to be an abundance of breach activity out there, enough to put your organization on edge no matter what sector. It’s important for company leaders to understand what these breaches mean for their […]

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