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New Roles for IT Experts


When filling out an IT team today, corporate leaders can, and likely should, specialize. The technology field has become nuanced and important enough to warrant a full group of employees with different, complementary talents. These are the professionals who will keep data secure and ensure that a company is living up to its digital potential. As such, it's worth putting in the time and effort to assemble the right mix of skills and experience.

The new face of IT

Organizations that fail to diversify the kinds of tasks their IT teams can accomplish may find that competitors are faster and more adaptable. IT is the backbone of many of today's most basic business priorities, security among them. Here are a few roles that leaders can consider adding to thier companies and filling with new recruits.

  • Data Protection Officer:

    Some areas of the world have specific regulations for information protection, like the European Union. According to CIO magazine, companies are weighing the importance of specialized new IT leaders who will be responsible for keeping their organizations up to the legislative standards. While company's content to just comply with rules may be able to get by without a dedicated officer, those hoping to go beyond the minimum may benefit from creating this new role.

  • Security Pros (outside of IT):

    One of the most interesting trends in IT hiring involves companies finding workers with technological security knowledge, then assigning them to departments such as finance and marketing. The Association of Talent Development pointed out that demand is on the rise for IT professionals outside of the silo of the technology department. This is due to the digital nature of today's financial and recordkeeping solutions.

    Rather than always consulting with another team, finance leaders often prefer to keep expertise closer. IT skills will prove especially important when and if systems are threatened by cyberattackers. With so many of the key functions of companies run digitally today, these criminals know they can find valuable data relating to all elements of a company, with HR's stores of personally identifiable information presenting one such target. Security-savvy employees outside of the IT bubble could help to contain these types of hacks.

  • Chief Internet of Things Officer:

    New internet capable devices are providing data, and this trend brings its own challenges. CIO reported that some companies may want to set aside a single individual to take care of devices that are capable of becoming part of a network but fall outside of the typical IT framework. The need for such an individual will obviously depend on how deep an investment a company has made in connected devices. In sectors such as manufacturing, where smart technology is common, these officers could end up in high demand.

  • Vulnerability Tester:

    This role, also described by CIO, is based on simulating the methods hackers use to break into systems. Companies that do this hands-on research will theoretically be better prepared than others to face the myriad threats of digital crime today. The source explained that just about any company will need such a tester, the only difference being that some will only call for a part-time employee, while others will want someone present all the time, making sure defenses are sufficient.

Technology is the dominant trend

More IT presence within companies of all descriptions is the main trend dominating today's office environments. There is a related need to protect workers against the threats that come with the digital era. Many of the new, specialized IT jobs opening up today are based on this concept of locking down digital resources.

Data protection efforts are essential in today's digital climate, and if companies can't ensure cybersecurity with internal resources, it's time to look for other solutions.

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